Do I Really Know Who Am I?

I’m their Daughter. I’m her Sister. I’m his Wife. I’m her Mother. I’m their Daughter-In-Law The very moment I’m happy about discovering who I am, the game changes and I’m introduced to a newer side of me… I’m given a new name… a new designation, a new identity and a long list of expectations is [...]

Top Ten Tips for A Happy Married Life

It is one thing to marry the person you love & other to turn it into a happy marriage. There’s nothing better than turning your love into a marital bliss but maintaining the ‘LOVE’ part requires immense hard work coz you never know when a Made-for-Each-Other couple may turn into a Mad-at-Each-Other couple!! Though marriages [...]

Nothing Lasts For Ever

Today, every single person is competing in a rat race & our lives have become so materialistic that words like emotions & feelings no more hold any meaning for us. We don’t have time for regrets or after thoughts. From social animals, we have been dehumanized to heartless animals. Of course we are still very [...]