That First Romance….

That First Romance
That First Romance

As always, I could feel him approaching with soft steps, although he tried his best not to make any noise. But, just because I loved him so much, I always managed to feel him from a distance. We have been playing this game of hide n seek since childhood and over the years, our bonding has become stronger.

As was his usual habit, before he could actually drench me with his love shower, he playfully whispered into my ears and I could feel my body going cold as he felt me around. He lightly kissed my moist lips and patted my cheeks in the most caring way. His light tug at my knotted hair, made it fall loosely over my face, a sight he always loved to see. And then, within no time, he covered me from head to toe with his love shower. Oh! It was such a romantic feeling!!

Well friends, this is no romantic Romeo-Juliet tale from a typical Mills n Boon novel. This is exactly the way I feel every time that first spell of rain falls on me. I have had this special liking for rains all along and for me; no feeling can be more romantic than the feeling of rain drops on my body.

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