College Days..

Unforgetable College Memories
Unforgetable College Memories

My eyes fill with tears,

As I come to remember those bygone years,

When life seemed like a bed of rose,

For us the wheel of time just froze.

Saw the handsome guy,

Whom once I had wanted in my life,

For once I feel embarrassed,

When I see him happy with his wife.

Project reviews to campus interviews,

We enjoyed all of it,

The long shifts of gathering rehearsals,

Never made us tired a bit.

Everything is fresh in our mind,

Wish life could just rewind,

Let’s exchange hugs and final goodbyes,

Once again become college guys.

Today the sun may set early,

But we eagerly wait for a new day,

When we can make a new beginning,

To those golden years goodbye we say.

Who knows what destiny holds for us,

Who knows will we meet ever,

But the cherished moments of college days,

Will remain in our hearts for ever.

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