Memorable Moment

Sweet Memories
Sweet Memories

Sometimes it happens that certain incidents have such an impact on our lives that they tend to become an inseparable part of our memories.

It all started on that hot, stuffy afternoon, when someone on the school directorial board had died and we were given an early holiday. As it is the weather was dull and to top it someone at school had eaten up my lunch and to make it all the more worse, on reaching home I found that there was no one in the house.

Finding no other way of entertaining myself, I finally decided to finish up my school work. It was only when I opened my school bag that I noticed the corner of a printed paper sticking out of my school diary. I am still not sure whether it was a mere wish or my teenage instincts, but, somewhere deep down my heart, I was wishing it to be a love letter from one of the boys of my class.

I quickly opened the letter but, I was very much disappointed when I saw that someone had haphazardly scribbled something on the letter. I was about to throw it, when suddenly I saw the name signed at one corner of the letter. It was signed “Arindam”.

I remembered the name immediately. He was a new admission in our class and it was only his second day at school. When I had seen him the first day, I thought that after sometime he would burry his head right into the ground. He was so shy that the whole day he worked with his head bent down. I was so surprised to see that a boy could be this shy and the next big surprise was this letter bearing his name.

When I come to think of it now, I feel that it must have been my sheer curiosity that I started reading the letter. It read, “To Miss. Aradhana, I know you would be angry when you receive this letter and I am quite sure that you would be fuming as you finish reading it up, but I have to tell you anyways.”

“First, let me say sorry to you, because, it was me who emptied your lunch today. I know that I’m entirely at fault but, I was helpless. Actually the other boys of our class had forced me to do so, as part of their ragging. Please don’t take it otherwise. I hope you’ll understand my situation and try to forgive me. Arindam”

For a moment or so, I just gazed at the letter, because I had never thought that a boy his type could be bold & considerate enough to write such a letter and then keep it inside my diary. I’m not sure how or why, but, somewhere down the line I was experiencing a very different kind of feeling.

The next day as soon as I entered the class, I saw him sitting at the front bench waiting for my reaction and as soon as he saw my lips curving into a smile, he gave a sigh of relief. For the first time I noticed that he himself had a lovely smile!

I can still see him working in the company of his female colleagues and the sigh of relief he gives, as soon as I, his wife and business partner walk into his cabin.

One thought on “Memorable Moment

  1. Somewhere in our busy daily life we tend to forget the small but important things we experienced in our past…our childhood…
    Your writings are not only touching but also involve something which most of us have gone through at some point of time during our childhood or adolescent years..

    People will agree with me that most of us have actually forgotten those childhood memories which if one remembers, certainly brings a smile…

    Thanks for the lovely write-ups and the pleasant memories that your writings bring along!!



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