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Great Management Guru
Great Management Guru

Yesterday there was news on the front page of one of the leading newspapers. It read, “A man with 14 wives“! My instant thought was that the man must be from some Arabic country, but then I was surprised to read the person’s name – Tushar Waghmare alias Tushar Bapat!! An Indian with 14 wives??

This 40 year old engineer working with Air India and earning 70,000 per month had married 14 women in two and a half years. The guy had registered himself as a divorcee on a marriage portal and used to look for divorcees or widows for marriage. Till this point, it seemed quite normal, but marrying 14 different women without getting caught for more than two years is something I call high level management. Unfortunately for him, 5 of his wives launched complaint against him and he is behind the bars now. Also he is sacked from his job.

He is guilty, no doubt. But at the same time, I think the women married to him are also responsible equally. How can one marry a man without knowing his past? I would like to know how this guy managed his friends and family and successfully kept his wives away from them. Most amazingly, 3 out of 14 wives are either architects or engineers. What’s the use of education when you can’t use simple common sense before taking such a big decision of your life? Our society is only going to blame Tushar Waghmare, but no one would ever consider the other side of the coin.

Now a day’s parents want a rich guy for their daughter. But earning 70,000 per month doesn’t make a man trustworthy. Parents should make sure of boys family and social background before getting their daughters married. If possible, should even check for criminal records. Few simple steps of caution could save all trouble in the future.

Since, in my opinion Mr. Waghmare is a great ‘Management Guru’, I would surely love to know how he managed his 14 wives, where people can’t successfully manage even one marriage. What were his intentions behind this entire act? I am sure it was not for money or any materialistic need so; it might be for a Guinness World Records or something.

If you people have any question for Waghmare, do post here.

Caution: Above act is performed by a professional. Do not try this at home or in office. Parental guidance is required while reading this post.

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