Of Being Courageous


Beware of him who tells tales

I have often heard people saying that a timid person is frightened before a danger & a courageous person afterwards. I am one of those courageous people who are frightened afterwards or rather who frighten afterwards.

It’s still fresh in my mind, that trip to Mahabaleshwar when I had that slick opportunity to prove my courage in front of all my friends and cousins.

We were traveling by road. There were 10 of us occupying the sumo which we had hired for the trip. It belonged to one of my friend’s father. All of us were having a great time. We started by playing antakshari & then went on to telling jokes and stories. All was going fine until at around mid-night suddenly our vehicle gave a jerk & with a shudder it stopped.

We climbed out of the vehicle to see what had happened. The road stretched out vacant in front of us. We had deliberately chosen this road to avoid city traffic, but our decision now proved to be wrong, as there was no one who could help us at that time of the night.

Actually, the vehicle had become hot & needed a refill of water. We could not see any source of water & to make matters worse, we had gulped down all the drinking water that we were carrying presuming that in no time we would be reaching Mahabaleshwar.

Finding no other way of helping ourselves, we finally decided to fan out in search of water. After what seemed like an hour, my cousin called out saying that he could see a well somewhere in the interior of the side of the road.

Luckily, we were carrying a wide mouthed vessel & a rope, long enough to pull out water from the well. Now the question raised as to who would go up to the well to draw out water as it stood in a very spooky area & the surrounding trees were casting creepy shadows. On top of that my cousin added that while he was searching for water, he had seen a figure clad in white garb pass across the well. All expected that I should go there because I was the only courageous one among them.

So, I picked up the rope and the vessel & started towards the well. When I was halfway down the road, I too felt as if I could see a white figure near the well. But frightened and me????? Naah!!! Never. I was too courageous to get frightened by such things.

I went on & quickly returned with water & very soon our vehicle was running smoothly again & we moved on towards our destination. For the rest of the journey everybody kept praising me for my courage.

I hope the readers haven’t forgotten what I said earlier.
“Beware of him who tells tales.”
So are you aware of me????

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