Of Being in Love…

Love Couple
Love Couple

Ye ishq nahi asaan, itna to samajh lije, ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai

Have heard this line I don’t know in how many romantic films but never really understood what it meant. Actually it was way too philosophical for me to understand, may be because I had never really loved anyone in life. I had all along thought that falling in love was one of the easiest things that one could do as my own list of crushes is just endless.

But then, although I developed a crush on very second smart guy I could set my eyes on, I never actually felt anything strong for them, until I met him. Yes, Ajay, that one guy who came into my life like a breath of fresh air & in no time I was captured by the strength of his charisma & unbound love for me. He made me discover things I had never known I possessed. The one man for whom I meant the world & his lady love the most beautiful being in this world. The man who was ready to sacrifice all he had just to see a smile on my face.

With Ajay I discovered the depths of true love. With his passionate love and matured understanding I never realized when I was transformed from a naïve girl to a matured lady, who could now understand that, “Ye ishq sach mein asaan nahi” (it’s not that easy to love someone). It really takes people like my darling Ajay to love someone from the bottom of your heart & I’m so lucky to have him as an inseparable part of my life. Thank U Darling for Making Me a Part of You!!

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