And The Countdown Begins…..

The D Day Countdown


Had very eagerly waited for this day for the past one year & now that the day finally did come in my life, I just didn’t know how to feel about it. Yes the D Day of my life, the day that supposedly marked the threshold of a new beginning & a new chapter of my life.

24th Nov 2009, I and Ajay finally got engaged. It seems like just yesterday when our eyes had met for the first time. Had never imagined then though, that just 1 year later we would be occupying such an important part of each other’s life. Those quick secret glances we stole at each other & the deliberate messages that we used to send to get a clue of the other’s state of heart. I can still find myself blushing when I come to think of those playful acts now. Ah! Those golden memories I’ll forever cherish in my life.

One week past our engagement. I’m still unable to digest the fact that I’m finally engaged to the man of my dreams. But yes, I’m happy, I’m thrilled, I’m overwhelmed!! I have faced several failures in my life but, now that I have a true fighter like Ajay to hold my hand at each step, success is the only thing I foresee.

I had patiently waited one long year for my engagement to Ajay & I’ll wait yet another year to get finally married to him. Though I’m still not sure of the date of my next D day, the countdown of waiting has already begun for me...…5….4….3….2….1….0…

2 thoughts on “And The Countdown Begins…..

  1. oh i knw what it is to wait & wait… :p i guess u know our marriage story… heh he he… but at the end it is all worth it… 🙂


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