Save Tigers!!

Here I am this is me, I come to this world so I am free,

Here I am so young & strong, this is the place where I belong,

It’s a new world, it’s a new start, it’s the life with the beating of a young heart,

It’s a new day, on a new land, & it’s waiting for me…. Here I am!!

Save Tigers
An Innocent Tiger Cub

These are not just some lines picked up from a popular singer’s album, but the silent cry of that innocent tiger cub that was brought into this world by its mother with the promise of a new world where he would have a safe & secure childhood amongst several others his type. Although he finds himself into a new world today, it does not really seem as secure as was promised. 

Only about 1419 tigers left in the world but what are we doing to save them?? This is one question each one of us should be asking ourselves. Is this really the kind of new world we wish to create for our on-coming generations?

Imagine a day in school when a teacher would ask a student to explain the characteristics of a tiger & confidently he would say that a tiger is a three legged domestic animal, pink in colour that drinks milk!! This would seem silly to you now because you have actually seen a tiger, but just imagine the plight of the student who has never even heard of a tiger. This is no joke but the truth that we all would have to face for sure in the nearby future as a result of the fast disappearing tigers.

With just a few thousand tigers left in the world, its high time that we all stand up to find ways & means of saving our tiger population. It’s not the sole responsibility of organizations like PETA to save our disappearing tiger population but of the society as a whole.

So let’s take that one step ahead & contribute to the “Save Tiger” campaign. Let’s reach out to the world & have more & more people join in on this mission. I have already made a small contribution to this noble cause through this blog post, have you made yours??

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