Mr. Ugly

Mr. Lizard
Mr. Ugly

Oh! There comes Mr. Ugly again,


With his long tongue sticking out,

He walks with a sway of his hind,

‘though his hind is quite stout!

He makes a very stupid sound,

As that of the ticking of a clock,

His smile shows not a single teeth,

His face seems as if he mocks.

He wakes with the rising of the sun,

And walks the whole day long,

It seems he is never tired,

Quite swiftly he moves along.

He comes to see me everyday,

And that’s the moment I fear,

’cause sometimes out of happiness,

He comes quite close & near.

Whether it is his happiness,

Or his curiosity to know me,

I’m still quite unable to understand,

His sight just makes me pee!

Some call him “Mr. Ugly“,

Others refer as the ‘fat bastard’,

Who else can it be,

But, our very own ‘Mr. Lizard‘.

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