Nothing Lasts For Ever

Old Age Home
Parents at Old Age Home

Today, every single person is competing in a rat race & our lives have become so materialistic that words like emotions & feelings no more hold any meaning for us. We don’t have time for regrets or after thoughts. From social animals, we have been dehumanized to heartless animals.

Of course we are still very much a part & parcel of this so called society, but this word today sounds very hollow. This is because, the bonds of friendship, love & respect that was once the building blocks of this society have now been rendered dead by the termites named I, ME & MYSELF. The roots of materialistic pleasures have gone down to such an extent in our lives that not even incidences like death or the loss of some dear one seems to rock it.

It really tugs my heart to see the endless homeless parents who are admitted each day into “Ashiyana”, my institute for the old & homeless. Sometimes the state in which they are brought in, all swollen & bleeding, is so shocking that one is forced to reconsider the word “social” additive to animals.

Each young couple that brings in their old parents for admission in our institute has the same old theory to support their discomfort that their parents have become a nuisance or a reason for shame for them. The only question I ask in return is that, “Do you have children?”

Have these young people forgotten all the love & care that has been showered by these same old parents, who today expect the same from their children. Have they become so stone hearted that the weak, helpless eyes of their parents do not seem to pierce any corner of their heart. I guess the main reason is that, the gold rimmed glasses of materialistic pleasures, name, fame & money have blinded us to the reality that each one of us would have to face some day. We have forgotten that a single stone of time pelted on us can bring these glasses crashing down, leaving us with the sore reality of life.

Today I feel thankful to God that he gave me the opportunity to help these homeless old people start their lives afresh & seek some long deserved happiness in the warmth of our institute. Believe me it feels great to become the reason for a smile on someone’s face. But, I eagerly wait for the day when this institute will be closed for ever & the youth of our country will come to realize that, “Nothing Lasts For Ever. What today may seem like a bed of roses for them may tomorrow be mowed down by the realities of life”.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Lasts For Ever

  1. Hi,

    I really liked your post. It was very well written and really touched my heart.

    This is one of the growing concerns in our society today. The senior citizens are being considered a nuisance rather than a support system.

    I have personally seen such incidents happening when i was working with the community and also with one of the NGOs which works with the old aged.


  2. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂


  3. Our culture tells us to regard our Parents above God. I believe we all knowingly or unknowingly have started molding culture (or for that matter) most of the things in life, according to our convenience and advantage.
    Being recently blessed with a baby boy, i can just imagine the amount of sacrifices and hardships that anyone’s Parents have to go through, to make life a bit more easier for their children. It is a pity that children now-a-days have no regard for their Parents and take them ‘for granted’.
    Losing my dad recently, i now recall all the small events and situations when He was actually happy to make sacrifices for me, let go of His comforts for me, did not consider the pouring rains, the severe heat or the biting cold, so that i can be comfortable at home.
    It is therefore my heart-felt request to all the children who are still lucky to enjoy the company of their Parents, that give all your love to them because it is all that they ask for in return.

    I have never actually said this, but i now wish i should have said this when there was still time – “Thank you Dad for all the love, affection. caring and the harships that you had to go through to make my life simpler and more comfortable”.


  4. It’s very touching ! I still remember the day when u answered that ” a woman teaches a man what loving, caring & sharing is all about”. Ur idea of life has not changed much since then.

    Ur very special & with more of God’s presence in u


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