The Stranger In The Mirror

Stranger In The Mirror

She stared at me,
Through her dark dry eyes,
She seemed to me,
Like a ghost in disguise.

Her eyes held neither emotions,
Nor did they reflect her inner depth,
She looked like a Halloween,
It seemed for long she hadn’t slept.

Her lips were cracked,
Holding not a trace of moisture,
Oh God!They quivered as though,
She had been cursed by nature.

Her face looked dull,
As if it had been painted white,
The face that had once shone like moon,
Now held not even the stars light.

She was a complete stranger,
A close resemblance though she held,
To someone close to my heart,
Whom I had always known & felt.

Who was this strange girl,
Whom the mirror reflected each day,
Oh No! This was me,
I was forced to agree one day!!

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