Top Ten Tips for A Happy Married Life

The Perfect Couple

It is one thing to marry the person you love & other to turn it into a happy marriage. There’s nothing better than turning your love into a marital bliss but maintaining the ‘LOVE’ part requires immense hard work coz you never know when a Made-for-Each-Other couple may turn into a Mad-at-Each-Other couple!!

Though marriages are said to be made in heaven, it does require that little extra effort on the part of each partner to make up for a happy, healthy & heavenly marriage. From my personal experience of a love marriage, here are the top ten tips I feel are most important to make a marriage successful :-

  1. Have Mutual Respect – It is very important for both the partners to respect each other & value each other’s feelings & sentiments. The solution doesn’t lie in proving the other wrong but in respecting each other’s attitude towards life.
  2. Keep the Spark of Romance Always Alive – Never shy away from expressing your feelings to your partner & try to be innovative at times. Always try out ways to make your partner feel special & wanted even without an occasion coz you never know when you may be pleasantly rewarded!! Grab every opportunity to spell out those three magical words “I Love You” to let your beloved know how much you love & care. This helps keep up the juice & spice in your relation.
  3. Trust Your Partner – The three most important foundations of a successful marriage are Faith, Trust & Loyalty. Being secretive or suspecting your partner may lead to misconceptions & irreparable cracks in your relation.
  4. Keep Away from Nagging – Becoming a nagging soul can spoil your marital bliss. Learn to respect & value each other’s likes & dislikes to maintain harmony in your relationship.
  5. Compromise – This is the most important word in the dictionary of marriage. Compromise doesn’t mean killing your needs & wants altogether but to make small everyday adjustments to ensure a healthy relationship in the long run.
  6. Discover the Route to Each Other’s Happiness – For two people to have a happy marriage, it is important to discover what makes the other happy. A good way is to try to do things as he or she would like it done.
  7. Maintain Clear Communication – For a marriage to be successful it is important for the partners to have lucid & clear-cut communication. Remember that miscommunications & inhibitions can steal away the spark from your relationship.
  8. Share Responsibilities – It is very important for the partners to maintain a healthy balance at work & home & this is possible only when you learn to share & delegate your responsibilities.
  9. Avoid Being Angry at the Same Time – A simple yet effective way of preventing minor arguments from turning into regular fights is for one of the partner to stay calm. There’s no point in both the partners getting angry at the same time, the trick is to wait for your partner to calm down before you can talk through the problem. Also never go to sleep without settling issues.
  10. Do Not Forget Special Days – There are few important & not-to-be-forgotten days in your life that you can use to do something special for your beloved. It is extremely important that your remember all these days that are the trivialities of your relationship.

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