Do I Really Know Who Am I?

I’m their Daughter.

I’m her Sister.

I’m his Wife.

I’m her Mother.

I’m their Daughter-In-Law

The very moment I’m happy about discovering who I am, the game changes and I’m introduced to a newer side of me… I’m given a new name… a new designation, a new identity and a long list of expectations is automatically tagged to go with my new identity.

While this never-ending struggle to discover my real self has been a tiring one, it has also been equally exciting. Today, as I delineate myself and my transformational journey from an infant to being a mother of 3 year old, I feel proud to look back at all the roles I got to play in my theatrical journey of life. Sometimes I was a comedian bringing twinkles of happiness on people’s faces, sometimes I was a careless wild mare or a drama queen throwing tantrums and giving moments of tears to those who matter to me and sometimes a seasoned actor reflecting my maturity and understanding of life.

A thought however keeps coming back to me ….. Do I Really Know Who Am I? I guess the search for the real me will never end but this will only make me more determined to find an answer to this unsolved mystery and gear up for more challenging roles!!

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