You Don’t Have To Be Everything To Be Something

The other day I was visiting my 3 year old daughter’s playschool for a session on Positive Parenting. While I was quite excited to hear what the psychologist had to share with us, a random thought crossed my mind… “Would I have been a different kind of mother had my parents attended such a session 32 years back?”

Pushing the thought to the back of my mind, I geared up for the session. The psychologist, a young mother not more than my age started her session with discussions around common parental issues. While some parents had genuine issues to discuss, there were others who were going crazy just because their kids were still wearing diapers to school or not eating 4 times a day like other kids or for that matter were still not able to use the trendy hand shower they had recently installed in their bathroom… Huh!!

I was sitting there in silence wondering if these parents had expected to give birth to normal kids or to ninjas!!!

I instantly thanked god for my own mother who now I thought was a supermom, to keep patience with me for the past 32 years ‘coz I still don’t know how to pick bones out of my fish in spite of being born into a Bengali family. LOL!!

On a serious note, I really feel today’s parents want their child to learn everything at a time… unknowingly turning them into robots who are engineered to do only things they have been repeatedly taught. Unlike older times when parents were more inclined on having the child learn things at his own pace through trial and error, today parents want the child to literally rush through their learning age to become perfectionists ASAP and be ready to be launched into the market!

Our kids are no more our personal pride but are more of a product that we can market as proof of the sophisticated upbringing we have given to our child.

Is it really necessary to teach your child everything just to ensure that he at least turns into something valuable for you to be proud of someday? Thank God, such a thought never struck Tendulkar’s or Bill Gate’s mothers or else I wonder what the two would have been doing today 😉

One thought on “You Don’t Have To Be Everything To Be Something

  1. I know lot of parents who are frustrated because their child still don’t answer in English…instead they should be happy that he can understand the question and can answer it in any damn language. Perfectly observed and well written.


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