Is Religious & Cultural Intolerance Killing Entertainment Business????

Our country seems to be in quandary. On one hand there is this NY Times article delineating Indian fashion as a nationalist cause, while on the other hand we have our own people lampooning Deepika Padukone for her costume in the upcoming movie Padmavati that is constantly simmering in controversies.

Makes me wonder how many of these people even know the real story of Padmavati or for that matter, what she used to wear while dancing. LOL!!

As a matter of fact, we should feel extremely proud of director’s like Sanjay Leela Bhansali who attempt to direct movies on such historic events, about which today’s generation has no idea. Just imagine the amount of research, study and efforts that go behind directing such epic movies. The directors of such movies pretty well know that one small mistake or miscommunication on their part has the capacity to cause national uproar; thanks to the so-called-guardians of our culture and heritage who are ready to heap abuse and venomous attacks at the slightest chance.

But, instead of appreciating the man for his efforts, some people consider it their moral and social responsibility to spark political and religious conflicts around anything that even minutely relates to history or mythology.

It seriously makes me question my existence in this country that we are so proud to flaunt as being the largest democratic country.

At a time when creative freedom and cross-border cultural change and acceptance are gaining stride across the world, it’s a matter of utter shame that a few groups in our country continue to remain intolerant to this change.

No wonder that critically acclaimed and 4 times National Award winning filmmakers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali have also become intolerant to what people think about them and continue to do the good work amidst these frequent uproars.

Even the cover pic of Padmavati movie showing Deepika Padukone with joined hands seems to be pleading people to stop this non-sense and let the movie be a work of pure entertainment!!!

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