At Times It’s Perfect To Be Imperfect!!

I often meet married couples who love to flaunt their ‘perfect’ wives or husbands in front of others, especially in the presence of bachelors. Makes me wonder, whether they are actually proud of their spouses or it’s just an attempt to hide away their own imperfection under the glow of their spouses!

Reminds me of a quote I had read somewhere:

“To Be Worthy Does Not Mean To Be Perfect”

When it comes to marriage between two totally different people, it’s not their perfection that makes the marriage worthwhile, but the ability to accept each other’s imperfection that makes it worth.

How many of us would really want to marry a person who hates or feels embarrassed to see his/her partner in tousled hair, dry lips or crumpled clothes when they wake up in morning?

Every person fantasizes to have an even skinned, flat bellied, perfectly toned man or women in their life. Guess that’s the reason most married couples try to seek perfection in their partner to make them look like the man or women of their dreams and the partners submit to the persuasion.

There’s nothing bad in making efforts to become that perfect man or women in your partner’s life. However, the efforts should be followed by a realization that it is “YOU” who wants to feel good about yourself and not just your partner. Unless you come to love your own self, there’s no point in doing things for someone else’s whims and fancies because sooner or later, you will come to realize that you had been fooling yourself all along. It was not something you yourself had wanted to do.

Couples should try to make “perfection” a motivation of life and not compulsion. Remember that at times it’s perfect to hang round with a husband having a protruding belly after a no-show at the gym for one week or with a wife having split ends in her hair after wasting gallons of curd or honey. These are just momentary phases and will ward off with time. It’s not something to feel embarrassed or tensed about.

The essence of a happy married life lies in keeping each other motivated towards perfection while at the same time enjoying each other’s imperfection. Don’t forget to tell your partner each day that “YOU are my definition of perfection” and never again will you feel embarrassed of your partner’s imperfection!!

One thought on “At Times It’s Perfect To Be Imperfect!!

  1. True…all the glow and the beauty is fading with every day and what will be left will be character of the spouse and the love both the partners have for each other. Accepting each other as they are is the first rule of marriage. If one cannot accept their partner as they are, then happiness will be a mirage they will chase all their lives.


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