The Downside of Our Growing Dependence on Artificial Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast transforming our lives in a way where we are moving towards a more efficient, error-free and richer world, this emerging technology has also raised an alarm on our work ethics and risk assessment.

Unemployment – With more and more companies trying to create ways to automate laborious jobs that usually employ a large workforce, there would be room for only few people to take up the more complex roles. While this can be seen as an ethical choice for industries like trucking and manufacturing companies, where AI can bring down the risk factor by eliminating accidents, this could create a tough time for office workers who would have lesser roles to assume.

Humanity – Artificial Intelligence bots are been programmed to take up human roles in fields like customer service and sales to instigate human conversations. Where a human mind may show limitations in gaining user attention, the AI bots are programmed with optimized algorithms to build lasting relations using unlimited resources. The addictiveness of humans to video games and mobile games are the best examples of this tech dependency.

While the use of such software in triggering human behaviors can be used for directing the society towards a more acceptable and positive behavior, it could prove detrimental if in the wrong hands.

Security – Given the fact that we are dealing with a system that is quicker, powerful and more intelligent than us, security becomes a prime concern. With AI systems increasingly being programmed to replace human soldiers, there is a need to monitor security not just at the battleground but also cybersecurity.

Singularity – Till date, human dominance is acknowledged for our intelligence and ingenuity. However, given the fast paced advancement of Artificial Intelligence, there would soon be a time coined by many as “singularity” when humans will lose their prominence of being the most intelligent beings on the face of earth.

Biased – The fact that AI systems are created by humans who are in general prone to be judgemental and biased, gives way to the fact that AI systems can also be biased. Thus, while such software can be used to trigger positive changes, they cannot be completely relied upon for absolutely fair and unbiased decisions.

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