The Fate’s Day

There was a beautiful ship,
That sailed from east to west,
Carrying thousands of passengers,
It was named “The Nest”.


 It was the biggest ship,
Built in any of the decades,
And it had taken about 10 years,
For the complete ship to be made.


 Starting from New York City,
It sailed towards the western pit,
But it could never reach its destination,
‘Coz fate had something else for it.


 It was a bright breezy day,
With the sun shining high across the sky,
The cold wind was at its best,
Without moisture completely dry.


 But suddenly the course of the wind changed,
And the sky turned dark and gray,
The smooth breeze became wild,
As it was the fate’s day!!


 The sky became a blanket of coal,
And the stars little balls of snow,
The moon was like a pot with a big round hole,
And the clouds like clutters of dough.


 The ship started sailing above the waves,
Which crashed and roared and growled,
And the wind hissed like a poisonous snake,
Like the demons of night they prowled.


The passengers started shouting,
With their hands spread wide apart,
Praying to God for the wind to stop,
Which was giving a chill to their heart.


 Instead it became more frightening,
As the rain started pouring heavily,
The night turned into a furious one,
The thunder gods stared down cunningly.


 The wild wind chased the ship along,
Towards the distant land,
Where death kept waiting in silence,
To embrace it in its stretched hands.


 The rain did stop the sun did shine,
But now there was nothing to be done,
‘Coz a sin had befallen on the ship,
And it was forever gone.


 No one knows where the ship disappeared,
And now it’s over a decade,
Its disappearance still remains a mystery,
As a ship its kind was never made.

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