Break The Silence…

The words kept escaping her bruised lips, And the tide of time kept lashing her like a whip, As the deaf walls echoed them back, Causing her sweet sad memories to play in flashback.   She remembered the day they had first met, How he had caused her heart to play the love roulette, And [...]

When Words Are Not Enough

I tried my best to let you know, Of feelings of discomfort I was going through, But each time you managed to catch me off guard, And leave my dignity completely charred.   I could feel your prowling eyes consuming me, Scanning me right down from head to knee, As if I were some priced [...]

Fascinating Cloud Formation

Had clicked this random pic on one summer evening from my balcony. My perception of this pic is a "Sky Dragon Blowing Fire". Can you find another perception of this pic?? Please let me know through your comments!!!

Bhima Koregaon Violence – An Exemplary of Ignorance

  It’s Monday morning and I look up at the mini-mouse themed wall clock right across my bed. Still rubbing my eyes I check the time. 8:30 AM!! Had the clock stopped working since 8:30 at night? Completely awakened from my pleasant morning sleep now, I lightly move aside the curtains of the window behind [...]

Only You

You made me laugh, You made me cry, You strengthened my determination, You made me try.   You taught me to smile, By wiping off my tears, You made me fearless, My stealing away my fears.   You were the worst critic, You made nasty comments, But deep down I always knew, For my well-being [...]