Only You

You made me laugh,
You made me cry,
You strengthened my determination,
You made me try.


You taught me to smile,
By wiping off my tears,
You made me fearless,
My stealing away my fears.


You were the worst critic,
You made nasty comments,
But deep down I always knew,
For my well-being they were meant.


You helped express feelings,
Buried deep down my heart,
You showed me the path to love,
And made me your inseparable part.


You were there for me,
Whenever I needed you,
You forever stood by my side,
Just like grass and dew.


You were bestowed as a bliss,
Into my lonely life by God,
Your friendship my best ever gift,
Your love my greatest reward.


I met you as a stranger,
But with you, time just flew,
And thus in the company of family & friends,
What makes me truly complete is YOU!!!

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