You Are Mine

With you I smile, in your arms I cry,
Through your eyes I can see my dreams fly high,
You have taught me to sing in pain and tears,
You have given me the strength to conquer my fears.


You held my hand & showed me the way,
How life could be led the happy way,
With you I could have my problems at bay,
In your strong arms I wish I could, forever lay.


The day we met, my life took a turn.
The ugly memories of my past seem to forever burn,
In the smothering fire of my present joy,
Where each moment with you I seemed to enjoy.


Your first love call, that different feel,
Made me fall for you head over heel,
The world now seemed a different shade,
I believed for each other we were made.


That first kiss, the way you cuddled my face,
Ohh! How you caused my heart to race,
Every time your hands felt me around,
Every time in my ears you whispered a sound.


You held my hand in your hand so tight,
That life’s problems began to seem light,
You taught me to love with all my heart,
You became my inseparable part.


I was happy or sad every time you could tell,
You where there for me each time I fell,
You surrendered your heart and stole mine,
Your love intoxicated me like some old wine.

3 thoughts on “You Are Mine

  1. The romantic emotions & the consistency of your rhyme
    Made this poem extremely divine! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post, it truly was an elevating experience for me as a reader to go through your lovely words. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them😊


      1. Thank you for respecting my request, please feel free to explore any of my writings whenever you feel like 😊


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