When Words Are Not Enough

I tried my best to let you know,
Of feelings of discomfort I was going through,
But each time you managed to catch me off guard,
And leave my dignity completely charred.


I could feel your prowling eyes consuming me,
Scanning me right down from head to knee,
As if I were some priced showpiece,
That you could salvage with your masterpiece.


What made you think I was ready for it?
Was it my silence or my friendly spirit?
Or was it my sleeveless top & short skirt?
That gave you the default license to flirt.


Each time you tried to make an advance,
I made it a point to maintain a normal stance,
Simply to save YOUR dignity from getting scarred,
And save YOU from forever getting barred.


But with time I have come to realize,
That my silence gives people reasons to analyze,
My own character and consent in the act,
Without trying to know the actual fact.


And thus today I seek to speak out,
It’s time for me to break the seed and sprout,
Time to react and become really tough,
‘Coz mere words are not enough!!

4 thoughts on “When Words Are Not Enough

  1. Very valid. There are too many predatory males in our society. I am reminded of a recent judgment given by the Delhi high court stating something like the way the lady in question said no was feeble. It was all over the newspapers. The exact term used by the judge was a “feeble no” does not mean a no. Wonder how exactly our judiciary expects women to refuse sexual advances.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful insight Jay. I guess, unless the society as a whole starts understanding the gravity of the issue and the feeling of insecurity a women, especially a working women has to go through each day, things will not change for sure.


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