Break The Silence…

The words kept escaping her bruised lips,
And the tide of time kept lashing her like a whip,
As the deaf walls echoed them back,
Causing her sweet sad memories to play in flashback.


She remembered the day they had first met,
How he had caused her heart to play the love roulette,
And she had agreed to fly with him without wings,
Without asking him in return a single thing.


The day they had walked down the blessed aisle,
With a promise to cover endless miles,
Loving each other from the bottom of their hearts,
Waiting eagerly for their perfect love story to start.


Their love had seemed to grow with each passing day,
Life seemed to have blessed them in the sweetest way,
But, in came rolling the rotten seed of fate,
Creating a wall of difference for the soul-mates.


His love calls & whispers were replaced by shouts,
His promise of a lifetime seemed doomed by doubts,
No more could he stand her in the eye,
His love for her seemed to forever die.


The praises where replaced by blames & insults,
He seemed to have entered a different cult,
Where women were considered mere puppets,
While the men could blow their chivalry trumpets.


It was still fine until the final day,
When he had burnt the last straw of hay,
By lashing her body black and blue,
And giving humanity a final adieu.


It took her years to discover the devil of domestic violence,
That had long prevailed under his disguised opulence,
Those beautiful woes & promises of a lifetime,
Seemed like a distant dream in face of his crime.


Never had she thought it would end this way,
That her life would become so miserable one day,
The man she had made her inseparable part,
Would be the one to hit her with the poison dart.


As she lay there at the threshold of death,
A sigh of regret scarring her every single breath,
She knew it was time to break the silence,
And forever shatter the glass of domestic violence.

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