I Need You Mom

As I stand on the threshold of a new phase of life,
And my hormones begin on that internal strife,
I want you to be my guiding source of light,
To help me choose between the wrong & right.


I may at times forget to express my love for you,
Being too busy struggling with life’s blues,
But I want you to know that you still mean the world,
And your warm lap still lures me for a cozy curl.


When I ask you to go outside the door,
That’s exactly when I need you more,
So step back & pull me in the warmth of your arms,
Wash away my worries with your motherly charms.


Understand me during those terrible days,
When my mood seems to play in weird ways,
When it’s hard to bear the frustration and pain,
You’re the only one to save me from becoming insane.


Hold your patience when I ask to be left alone,
Or when I wish to spend some time with my phone,
It’s just my way of solving my inner conflicts,
Understand that there are things I need to fix.


The pressure to choose between wrong and right,
Pushes my heart and mind into a constant fight,
That’s when I want you to take control,
To bring some respite to my burning soul.


I may not be the world’s best daughter,
But for you it shouldn’t really matter,
As long as I still yearn to be close to you,
And we share the closeness of grass and dew.


When the whole world seems to be against me,
And I start feeling like a misfit in life’s sea,
I want you to bring solace to my inner qualm,
Believe me, when I say I Need You Mom.

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