‘Coz You Are A Women

Early to rise and late to bed,
Weaving threads of life under your shed,
You create a home inside the walls of a house,
You are the ultimate pillar of strength for your spouse.


The warmth of your lullaby can put a child to sleep,
The power of your love can make even the devil weep,
You are clothed in class & elegance from head to toe,
Your vibrancy can shy away even the moon’s glow.


A small moment of happiness can make you smile,
A single word of motivation can push you to cross miles,
You can face challanges with a lion’s pride,
You have the courage to take the world in your stride.


You have crossed the oceans, you have captured skies,
You have helped the blind see through your eyes,
You can fly without wings and be fiercely wild,
And yet you can carry the innocence of a young child.


A pilot, a banker, your ambitions fly high,
You can also be a charmer for that perfect guy,
‘Coz your feminity inhabits both heart and mind,
You have their separate duties well outlined.


You are like a bouquet of fragrant flowers,
A miracle lady with unknown powers,
Who can free a frightened soul from his fears,
And help a distressed man smile through tears.


You leave a bit of sparkle wherever you go,
You remain undeterred with life’s sweet sour blows,
That’s what makes you a women of grit & steel,
You can cause the biggest wounds of life to heal.


From the day of your birth until your moment of death,
You strive to live for others until your last breath,
That’s what makes you so special and prized,
‘Coz you are an angel in a women’s disguise.

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