Me and Ma

Ever since my growing days, I have heard people often say this to me, “You look just like your mother!” and every time I heard this, I would feel a step closer to Ma.

Incidentally, just like every elder sibling does, my sister would always bully me, saying I was the one the family had picked up from a garbage bin and she indeed was the true daughter of Ma and Papa. But every time she would say this, I would proudly throw this statement right on her face, “REMEMBER, I LOOK JUST LIKE MOTHER” after which she would be left with nothing more to say.

So, while this statement had been an integral part of my growing up, its meaning for me kept changing over the years. During childhood, it was mostly a life jacket that would always save me from my sister’s bullying but as I entered my teenage, I started realizing that I indeed had a strong resemblance to my mother, which simply meant that I would turn out to be as beautiful as Ma when I grow old, so I had nothing to worry about my looks. LOL!!

This selfie was clicked about a year back, while Ma and I were visiting my elder sister in Abu Dhabi. Today, I’m a mother of a 4 year old daughter and every time I look at this pic, I feel nostalgic remembering the days I had spent growing up as the shadow of my mother. This pic of Ma, now in her mid-60s also serves as a mirror for me to imagine myself 30 years down the line and believe me it always makes me smile!!

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