Let’s Walk Together


We have basked in the glow of shining days,
We have struggled through the bad weathers,
Today as you stagger on that lonely path,
Let’s hold hands and walk together.


You have been the strongest pillar of my life,
For our daughter, a fearless father,
Now as you seek that strength from me,
Let me hold your hand and walk together.


Though life may seem grim today,
There surely will be a change of weather,
Let’s wait for that light at the end of tunnel,
Hold our hands and keep walking together.


If at all you feel low and lost,
Or have no strength to gather,
Just close your eyes and think of me,
And we shall walk through this together.


The days of dismay will end soon,
You shall need to be strong however,
I may not be there to hold your hand,
But my memory will keep you strong forever.

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