Is It Still Me??

Everytime you look into my eye,
Something within me seems to die,
‘Coz in eyes that once held love for me,
Someone else’s shadow now I can see.


Each time you hold my hand in yours,
With love that was once so pure,
Now seems to have lost its warmth,
As you long for someone else in your arms.


Each time I feel your breath close on my cheek,
The fragrance of your body makes my knees go weak,
And while my heart aches to hold you close to me,
I can feel your soul drift away from me and fly free.


While you say you love me from the bottom of heart,
And I believe we have been stricken by the cupids dart,
I can still feel you longing for someone else’s love & care,
Ohh! That feeling of losing you I can hardly bare.


Tell me is it me or just my boundless love for you,
That is making it hard for me to see through,
If I’m still the one you have loved and will always do,
Tell me my love if I’m still the chosen one for you.

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