Let’s Celebrate The New Year

A new year with new beginnings,
Here we end another long inning,
Yet another book to add to our memories,
Filled with pages of endless joys and sad stories.


Just months ago we had started the year,
With resolutions made to conquer our fears,
The promise to lose weight or be early out of bed,
Only to forget them soon after all done and said.


Like some adventurous roller coaster ride,
We enjoyed the ups & downs of a year-long glide,
Only to end it with a smile on our face,
And string the happy sad moments in one golden lace.


Today, as we gear up for a new race of life,
Let’s stop treating it like the edge of a knife,
Let’s be ready to make new mistakes and learn,
‘Coz that’s the only way experiences are earned!


Let’s learn to smile through streams of tears,
Let’s learn of ways to conquer our fears,
Let’s promise to live every moment to the fullest,
Let’s allow every dream to fly out of our brain’s nest.


Let’s be the ray of hope for someone in need,
Let’s feel glad to help others with a good deed.
Once again let’s fill pages with life’s varied hues,
And thank God enough for a New Year bestowed to only few.

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