I’ll Always Be Your Shadow

The day you took your first baby steps,
I knew mistakes you were bound to make,
So, I decided to walk besides for you to follow,
Far yet close enough like your own shadow.


Every time you would find yourself alone & lost,
When a friend is something you would need most,
I will pull you close to me, just to let you know,
You can always find a friend in your own shadow.


Those days when you will have weird mood swings,
When talking to people would seem least interesting,
I will try to bring respite to your crying, burning soul,
Soaking your emotional outburst like a silent shadow.


Whenever you will feel the need for a helping hand,
To pull you up from a fall and make you stand,
Be sure to find me somewhere close to you,
Sharing your ups and downs like your own shadow.

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