From A Wife To A Soldier’s Wife

We are far and yet so near,
Connected by the same nagging fear,
Of losing the one man who means our world,
Around whom our whole life swirls.


While your man serves a huge nation,
And my man falls under a small equation,
The pain of losing them is the same,
It’s just about two men with different name.


Each night as I lay down on bed,
And dream of a beautiful life ahead,
I fear nags at the back of my head,
What if tomorrow I find him dead!


But the very next moment a thought comes,
I will need to keep living for my other loved ones,
Take care of a family with his love entwined,
Continue the legacy of love & care he left behind.


So while you and I may be separated by states,
We both fight for our man against the same fate,
But we have come to accept it as part of our life,
Thankful for every single moment as their proud wife.

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