A Death of Pride

As hard as the gods may try to belittle me,
I’ll rise like waves amidst the turbulent sea,
‘Coz I know there’s light at the end of road,
Even though the pace of my life seems to have slowed.


I’ll stand high against the wheels of fate,
And wait for the opening of the fortune gates,
‘Coz I believe I’m born to rise and shine,
With the sheer blessings of the supremely divine.


I have been through this time & again,
But each time I fell I have learned & gained,
That every dark night ends in a bright morning,
After all change is the only constant thing.


Every time I dared to have dreams big & high,
I felt like flying towards an untouchable sky,
But even the sky at some point meets the ground,
To spread a horizon of hopes & happiness abound.


So, here I am ready to let my sorrows glide,
And to take the whole world in my stride,
Unwilling to have the demons of regret in my bedside,
‘Coz I wish to have a death of pride.


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