Cloud With Silver Line

They say every dark cloud has a silver line,
So I’m waiting eagerly for mine to shine,
To fade out the darkness I hold within,
Free me off the guilt of my mistakes and sins.


The road of my life was never a bed of rose,
The dream of a rosy life never seemed close,
And so, I learnt to walk through the thorns,
The little moments of life I learnt to adorn.


But that blinded me from the right and wrong,
Sins and mistakes I kept making all along,
To the point that I was shown the mirror on my face,
Of a life I was leading filled with lies and disgrace.


The truth broke my heart into a thousand parts,
And I could see my whole world falling apart,
Only to realize that I had no hand to hold,
To pull me in their arms and make me bold.


Efforts I made to rise up and stand,
Only to find God offering his hand,
Along with the promise that he will forever be there,
Once again line my dark life with lost love and care.

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