Don’t Give Up


Today your world may seem lost,
But baby don’t give up an any cost,
‘Coz a bigger world is waiting for you,
Of endless dreams craving to come true.


If at any step you feel alone,
I’ll offer my hand for you to hold,
Give you my part of the strength,
Walk along with you to any length.


Sufferings and heartbreaks are part of life,
But I’ll share your pain as your soulmate & wife,
Don’t look back the sky is waiting for you,
Move aside the dark clouds and ride through.


Leave the past behind and move ahead,
Don’t scratch the scars that are long dead,
Remember that you are born to win,
So shed off the burden of past sins.


Chase the guiding light that burns within you,
Let your heart and mind guide you through,
As I walk besides following your footsteps,
To hold you if ever again you stumble or misstep.


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