What Will Happen if Facebook and Twitter Shutdown?

As we enter the millennial generation, we are no more known as social animals but rather “Social Media Animals” where, instead of freely expressing our appreciation for things that we love or like, our feelings today have shrunken down to a simple thumb action… “Like” or “Dislike”. There was a time when the word “privacy” [...]

The Downside of Our Growing Dependence on Artificial Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast transforming our lives in a way where we are moving towards a more efficient, error-free and richer world, this emerging technology has also raised an alarm on our work ethics and risk assessment. Unemployment – With more and more companies trying to create ways to automate laborious jobs that [...]

The Big Question – Can AI Outsmart Humanity from HR?

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we call it, is no more the future, but the crude present that has already started transforming lives. With the growing dependence of humans on artificial intelligence, it won’t be wrong to foresee the loss of human factor from several fields in future enterprises. However, that’s not the end of [...]