Let’s Celebrate The New Year

A new year with new beginnings, Here we end another long inning, Yet another book to add to our memories, Filled with pages of endless joys and sad stories.   Just months ago we had started the year, With resolutions made to conquer our fears, The promise to lose weight or be early out of [...]


All these years, deep down I had known, The fact that one day, you’ll be forever gone, I believed though that someday you would come, ‘Coz your love had simply made me blind & dumb.   Waiting for that moment you’ll come, The Moment you’ll come.   I have dreamt of you, every single day [...]

Let’s Walk Together

  We have basked in the glow of shining days, We have struggled through the bad weathers, Today as you stagger on that lonely path, Let’s hold hands and walk together.   You have been the strongest pillar of my life, For our daughter, a fearless father, Now as you seek that strength from me, [...]

What Will Happen if Facebook and Twitter Shutdown?

As we enter the millennial generation, we are no more known as social animals but rather “Social Media Animals” where, instead of freely expressing our appreciation for things that we love or like, our feelings today have shrunken down to a simple thumb action… “Like” or “Dislike”. There was a time when the word “privacy” [...]

Bohot Jee Liye Ghut Ghut Ke…

Bohot jee liye ghut ghut ke, Ab khulke jeene ki bari hai, Toofano se takrakar badhne ki, Ab humari poori taiyyari hai.   Kehdo unse jo sochte the, Durbalta ka matlab nari hai, Bohot jee liye bedhiyo me, Ab waqt badalne ki bari hai.   Na mitti ke putle hai hum, Na kam hai na [...]